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May Screenshot 2012


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Day 34 – 31 May 2012


Andy Murray v Jarkko Nieminen – Well this match had it all with a few horrible books by the end of it I would imagine.  Murray lost the first set 61 and was limping very badly with what appeared a back injury.  He called for the trainer and received a medical timeout before being broken again at the start of the second set with him looking very uncomfortable and barely able to serve.  Murray the pre match favourite @ 1.07 was now trading at 400/1 in the outright market and Jarkko trading @ 1.04 in the match odds.  Murray then started to feel or should I say look more comfortable on serve and Nieminen drifted to 1.4 even though he had a set lead and was 4 – 2 up in the second.  This is where it all changed and Murray turned the match around by winning the next 7 games and ended up winning the match pretty comfortably in the end.  Of course the forum was up in arms crying fix, Murray is an actor etc etc with people furious with what happened or more likely the position they then found themselves in.  The forum is a pretty poor place being honest with so many idiots spouting their rubbish, massaging their ego’s and the level of abuse and racism some days on the forum is pretty bad and I am surprised it’s not more closely monitored by the moderators. Personally I don’t post there but do read it every day as sometimes you come across good posters after you wade through all the crap!!! Profit 23.78 euro

Paul Henri Mathieu v John Isner – What an amazing match and story. PHM is a 30 year old French tennis player who is very talented and has massively under achieved in his career.  He is known as a choker for the amount of matches he has let slip from his grasp as mentally he was never able to stand up to the big pressure moments. It all seemed to go wrong for him when as a young pro he faced Mikhail Youzhny in the Davis Cup Final many years ago and let a two nil lead slip in front of the home fans and it seemed to scar him mentally.  He has also had some horrendous luck with injuries but today he put it all right after defeating the big serving marathon man John Isner in 5 hours and 41 mins, 18-16 in the final set.  He had 5 match points  whacked from his grasp with big booming aces and thunderous forehands but still came back for more , hung tough on the big points to take a big scalp in front of an adoring crowd on the  Philippe Chatrier court. I was delighted for him!!!  Profit 18.56 euro

Jarmila Gajdosova V Caroline Wozniacki  – Profit 7.13 euro

Jelena Jankovic v Vavara Lepchenko – Profit 8.56 euro

Heather Watson v Juila Goerges  – Profit 10.22 euro

May Screenshot to follow

Return €68.25
Yield 3.64%
Daily Avg Yield 2.01% 34 Days
New Bank €1,943.89

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Day 33 – 30 May 2012


Petra Martic v Marion Bartoli – A fine win today for Petra Martic, a player who has threatened for a while to have a breakout win but has never delivered.  She is a fine player with some massive ground strokes but seems, to me anyway to lack the belief especially on the big points.  Well she should have the belief now after beaten Bartoli in her own country at a grand slam on the main court.  Bartoli is a funny character who does things her way but my word she is a fighter when she wants something and gives it everything  she has but it wasn’t enough today as she lost to Martic 62,36,63 for a profit of 10.46 euro.

Gilles Simon v Brian Baker – What a story Brian Baker is.  One of the most promising juniors in the world with a glittering tennis career ahead of him, he has been dogged by injuries to a point where his career is only really starting now at 27 years of age.  It is a testament to his character that he was able to preserver through all that and come out the other end. In his first ATP tournament in 5 years last week he reached the final and today he was two sets down to Frenchman Gilles Simon before coming back to bring it to a 5th before running out of gas.  I hope now that he goes on to have a good career and make a few bob for himself without going through any more injuries. Profit 10.44 euro.

Agnieszka Radwanksa v Venus Williams – A comfortable straight sets victory for A Rad 62,63. Profit 13.49 euro.

Return €34.39
Yield 1.87%
Daily Avg Yield 1.97% 33 Days
New Bank €1,875.64

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Day 32 – 29 May 2012


What a day of tennis with the last match of the day an epic battle that lasted over 3 hours and a final game with 13 deuces and 23 minutes resulting in the biggest shock of the tournament as french woman Virgine Razzano knocking out Serena Williams 46,76,63.  Williams lead the tie breaker 5-1 with over 5 and 1/2 million match on Williams below 1.05.  The match had everything with Razzano leading the final set 5-0 before she started cramping , could barely walk and being penalized point penalty’s before getting the win of her career.  I had built up a nice green over the last few weeks on Serena winning the title but in the end I didn’t care.  I was so happy for Razzano as she got the win of her career especially after the heartache of losing her fiance last year at a young age to illness. I was involved in a few matches today with a good days profit so before I go to bed I will leave you with the overall picture.


Return €43.88
Yield 2.44%
Daily Avg Yield 1.97% 32 Days
New Bank €1,841.25

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Day 31 – 28 May 2012


Victoria Azarenka v Alberta Brianti    Well the world number one got her campaign started against the 105 ranked Brianti in let’s say a very unconvincing fashion.  In fairness to Brianti her ranking is a bit high for somebody who has obvious talent but her problem is she is very slight and small and for the most part the other’s power game tennis is just too strong for her. She managed to win the 1st set though in the tiebreaker and built up a 4 nil lead and had a point to go 5 nil up before the wheels came off and Aza managed to up her game slightly.  Aza won the next 6 games to take the 2nd set and you knew as I say Brianti did that her chance had gone and so it was with a 62 third set loss. Profit 6.46 euro.

Jelena Jankovic v Patricia Mayr-Achleitner    Jankovic won in 3 sets 16,6175 for a profit of  11.53 euro.

Novak Djokovic v Potito Starace A tight first set that Djoker managed to win in a tiebreak before winning the last sets comfortably 63,61.  Manged to profit in the set betting market 14.26 euro.

Arnaud Clément v Alex Bogolomov Jrn  Well what a match this turned out to be with some controversy at the end.  The match was 4 hours old when Bogo was serving to stay in the match.  He was match point down when he suddenly started cramping and couldn’t straighten his leg to serve and in the end had to forfeit the match.  And the rules in Betfair state that all set betting would have to be voided, so disaster for some and a lucky escape I am sure for others.  I was only involved in the match odds for a profit of 12.60 euro. 

Milos Roanic v Rubén Ramírez Hidalgo – The big serving Canadian won 64 62 62 for a profit of 14.27 euro.

Gilles Simon v Ryan Harrison – The french man won 36,75,64,61 for a profit of 12.36 euro.

Return €71.48
Yield 4.14%
Daily Avg Yield 1.95% 31 Days
New Bank €1,797.37

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Day 30 – 27 May 2012

I haven’t been well the last few days which resulted in me having to go to the doctor’s and it turns out I have a nasty chest infection so I am on anti  bio-tics for that. So just a quick update on yesterday’s results.


Svetlana Kuznetsova V Mirjana Lucic  = Profit 12.36 euro

Angelique Kerber v Shuai Zhang = Profit 3.8 euro

Lara Arruabarrena – Vecnino V Ana Ivanovic = Profit 3.80 euro

Venus Williams v Paula Ormaechea = Profit 10.46 euro


Zach Johnson won the Crowne Invitational at Colonial to nett me a profit of 17.49 euro.

Return €47.91
Yield 2.86%
Daily Avg Yield 1.88% 30 Days
New Bank €1,725.89

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Day 29 – 26 May 2012


Backed Agnieszka Radwanksa pre match @ 1.25  to Simona Halep in the final in Brussels today.  She went into a 42 lead before losing the next 3 games leaving Halep a chance serving for the first set.  Halep failed to serve it out and when A Rad  won the next two games the market went back to where it was at the start.  Such was my fragile confidence I decided to get out and was actually matched @ 1.23.  You can then guess the rest , A Rad only lost one more game as she stormed to the title 75,60 leaving me with a profit of 0.95 euro.  Oh the joys!!!!


Layed Norway prematch 25 euro @ 3.65 and greened up with 5 euro @ 16 at half time with England winning one nil from Ashley Young’s ninth minute strike. It was the full time score too. Profit 19.02 euro.


Managed to pick up a profit of 15.22 euro as Sweden romped the Eurovision Song Contest last night.

Return €35.19
Yield 2.14%
Daily Avg Yield 1.85% 29 Days
New Bank €1,677.98

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Day 28 – 25 May 2012


Just the two matches today for me both the semi finals from the WTA action in Brussels.  First up was Agnieszka Radwanksa’s defeat of Kaia Kanepi 76,63 which netted me a profit of 12.63 euro.  Next up was Simona Halep ‘s defeat of Sofia Arvidsson  64,63 which resulted in a profit 17.30 euro.

Return €29.93
Yield 1.86%
Daily Avg Yield 1.84% 28 Days
New Bank €1,642.79

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Day 27 – 24 May 2012 ***UPDATE***


Backed Sofia Arvidsson in play to beat Ursula Radwanksa in the WTA tournament going on in Brussels.  I backed her when up 54 on serve in the first set and she managed to win 75 64. I put 67 Euro @ 1.57 to nett me a profit of 36.62 Euros.

I stayed in Brussels for my other two markets today where Kaia Kanepi beat Tsventlana Pironkova 63,61 to gain me a profit of 15.19 Euros. The other match was Agnieszka Radwanksa defeat of  Alison Van Uytvanck 62,61 to nett me a profit of 9.51 Euros.

Return €61.02
Yield 3.49%
Daily Avg Yield 2.25% 27 Days
New Bank €1,808.36

Well foolishly I got involved in another market this evening as one of my failings came back to haunt me and because of boredom I quickly found myself in trouble in Brian Baker’s 3rd set tiebreak win over Mikhail Kukushkin.  I done a lot of trades in this match and not one of them good as I got myself into more and more trouble with the nett result a loss of 195.50 euro.  I am sick and fuming with myself for this and for undoing all the good work I had been doing and wiping out the last 8 days profit.  But I must remember to try get my emotions back under control, forget about the loss and keep going slow and steady again.

Return -€134.48
Yield -7.70%
Daily Avg Yield 1.83% 27 Days
New Bank €1,612.86

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Day 26 – 23 May 2012


I was involved in two WTA tennis matches today from Strasbourg today.  The first was Alexandra Panova ‘s 3 set win over Lucie Hradecka 63,46,63 with a profit of 16.63 Euro’s. The second match I was involved in was Sweden’s Johanna Larsson’s straight set rout of Tamira Paszek 62,60 for a profit of 19.73 Euro’s.

That’s all the markets I will be involved with today as I am of to the hospital to visit a very close friend who is seriously ill at the moment.  She is the same age as my ( early 30s ) so is quite young to be going through what she is.  Having being seriously ill myself 6 years ago and been near death I know what her and her family must be going through.  It puts all this into perspective and there is not a truer saying then “Your Health is Your Wealth”.

Return €36.36
Yield 2.13%
Daily Avg Yield 2.20% 26 Days
New Bank €1,747.34


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