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Day 2 29 April 2012


Traded the correct goal score market in the Chelsea v QPR match and got of to a good start with 2 goals in the first 13 mins which left me in a good position where I then was all green and when Torres added a further two goals in the next ten mins the market was settled leaving me with a profit of 12.06 euro after commission ( I think I will leave all figures after commission from now on when posting ).  I also layed QPR pre match @ 8.6 leaving a profit here of 5.71 as Chelsea ran out comfortable 6 – 1 winners.

I also scalped the Under 4.5 goal market in the Celtic Rangers game this morning prematch and put all the green then on Over 4.5  leaving me 12 euro green there, hoping that the market would get to even money with goals scored throughout the match and I would have squared it up.  It wasn’t to be and I was left with a 0.26 euro profit here.

My last play in the footy was a lay of Blackburn pre match @ 9 as I couldn’t see them winning at all and so it turned out with Blackburn never really looking like scoring in a 2 nil defeat.


I got involved in Maria Sharapova’s straight sets victory over Victoria Azarenka.  Usually or lately maybe, I have not being doing to0 well trading the tennis as I seem to panic very quickly and before I know it boom I am looking at carnage and sometimes not even realizing how I got into such a mess.  It’s something that seems to have got bad lately and I am not to sure why but I am hoping to find out over time and eradicate it without losing more money.  Anyway I had a great result in this match as I managed to gain a profit of  42.02.  It was very pleasing and a huge boost to my bank but as they say its easy when its going your way.

I also watched an epic 2 sets victory for Rafael Nadal against David Ferrer today in Barcelona without getting involved at all.  Some of  the tennis was breathtaking and I really felt for Ferrer as it was a valiant effort against the King of Clay but I wasn’t too disappointed either as Rafa is my favourite player and sportsman.  The guy is a legend who puts his heart and soul into every single point – a lesson to be learned there!!!!


Spent the evening then doing some trades on the golf and manged to come out on top there with Jason Dufner winning in a battle down the stretch against Ernie Els in the Zurich New Orleans Classic.  Dufner won on the 2nd playoff hole for his first victory on the PGA Tour after hitting the bar so many times – Profit 12.46 euro.

Return €78.22
Yield 7.67%
Daily Avg Yield 4.83% 2 Days
New Bank €1,098.02

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28 April 2012


Started with a nice win today on the Championship action by laying Hull away to West Ham, 5 euro @ 7.6.  It was a game West Ham had to win to have any hope of automatic promotion and hope for help elsewhere.  Just felt that Hull were not going to be collecting the 3 points on offer today with nothing other than pride to play for and it played out that way with a comfortable 2 – 1 victory for West Ham – they did not get the help the were looking for as Southampton took all 3 points they needed to get back to the premier league.

I also layed West Brom at home to Aston Villa pre kick off, my thinking here was that it was a vital game for Villa because they are definitely involved in a relegation battle at this stage and felt West Brom were too short. I layed them @ 2.18 for 17 euro but with no pics and as the match got into the 2nd half I got rid of my exposure on West Brom with a back of them @ 3.55 for 8 euro. Maybe I should have let the bet run but didn’t want to get hit with a sucker punch late on.


Put 22 euro on Stephen Hendry @ 1.31 to beat John Higgins in the World Snooker Championship last night while he was 8 – 4 up and on the way to winning the next frame.  I couldn’t believe the awful snooker Higgins was playing ( well maybe I could ) and felt it was worth taking the risk on Hendry finishing the job which he did 13 – 4.  To be honest , Higgins was one of my favourite player’s until the famous sting in 2010 where he was caught on camera discussing how to throw frames for his own gain.  I thought it was a disgrace that he only received a 6 month ban, most of which was during the off-season.   As far as I am concerned he should never have been allowed lift a snooker cue again but it wasn’t my decision.  Anyway good riddance!!

Return €19.80
Yield 1.98%
Daily Avg Yield 1.98%
New Bank €1,019.80

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Welcome to my blog which will detail my ambitious plan ( or maybe delusional ) to make a  success of the murky waters of trading the sports markets on Betfair. I know it is not easy because so far in a number of years I have failed to make any sort of impact mainly due to a number of factors being honest.  I don’t mind failing if its down to a having no edge or just not being good enough but it is so frustrating losing because of chasing because I can’t accept an individual loss , big blow outs , boredom bets etc and you get the picture.  Now maybe if all these obstacles and more are overcome and I still am not a success well I think that would be more acceptable to me.  I feel a lot of obstacles are in my head and I hope by detailing the journey that maybe I might be able to overcome the mental aspect and start to make some sort of progress.

My initial plan is  over a period of 5 years average a growth of 0.4% per day on a starting bank of 1,000 euro.  It would take under 5 years to hit a 7 figure sum although this sounds a lot easier than it really is.  My main aim each day will be to try and hit a 1% growth on my starting bank that day and if the losses come , try to accept them instead of blowing my bank and start the next day with again the 1% target in mind from the new starting bank and see where the leaves me long term. I know a lot of people are against targets but I have read so much over the years and I feel I have to do what’s best for myself , what I feel will work and assess going forward.  One of the reasons I am doing it this way is because I want to cut out the needless involvement of getting involved in markets just because they are there and have a plan each day and try execute it.  Also if the daily plan does not work out , hopefully it will stop me getting involved in other markets to chase back my losses.  I will go into more detail about my weakness’s and thought process’s as the blog goes on.

Hopefully each day I will be able to blog about how I got on and the results ( which shouldn’t be a problem most days ) and at the end of each month I will produce a screenshot of my profit and loss.  If, however I get any queries about individual markets I have no problem posting them up or answering any questions good or bad.  Also all comments good or bad will be posted as long as they are not anonymous. My main markets will be Tennis,Football, American Football,Golf and a little bit of Snooker & Darts.  Well I think that is it for now!!!

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